E-Government Solutions

E-Government Solutions

E-Government Solutions: E-Invoice + E-Ledger + E-Archive + E-Waybill

You will protect, back up and archive your e-invoices and e-ledgers in your system, without using any intermediary and seeing your direct interlocutor as DIA. Thanks to DİA E-government solutions, which are integrated with DIA pre-accounting and accounting systems, easy to use and fast, you will both ensure the security of your company and minimize paper waste.

E-Invoice, E-Ledger All in Your Pocket!

E-Government Solutions

  • E-invoice Integrator Solutions
  • E-Waybill Integrator Solutions
  • E-Ledger Integration
  • E-archive Integration


General Features – Advantages

  • DIA is directly integrated with E-Government and GİB and there is no intermediary software or company.
  • In case of any problem, you only contact DİA. You do not need to deal with different software such as your own commercial software, integrator software and online system of the integrator.
  • With DIA E-Government Solutions, your e-invoices are backed up in your cloud system.
  • Since DIA E-Invoice System works as a module on DIA Corporate Management System, there are no integration problems.



    • GİB Portal Integration: 1. Integration (Your company is directly linked to RA),, 2. Custom Integration (Your company is an Integrator and an Integrator, linked to the GIB) and 3. Portal (manual use via www.gib.gov.tr website) 3 There is an e-Invoice usage method. With the DIA E-Invoice Portal module, service is provided to those who use the 3rd method.

      UBL-TR E-Invoice Registration:

      Taxpayers who are e-Invoice taxpayers but issue and receive e-invoices in small numbers (max 500) can issue their invoices manually on www.gib.gov.tr E-Invoice Portal.

      With the E-Invoice Portal module, invoices issued via DIA can be saved as a file in UBL-TR format supported by RA and uploaded to the portal manually by your personnel.

      Incoming Invoice Upload: In the same way, e-invoices (such as goods purchase invoices) received by your company can be manually saved to a file via the portal and uploaded to DIA as Goods Purchase Invoice with the DIA E-Invoice Portal module.

    •  How to Transfer Incoming E-Invoices to DIA?


    • GİB Online Direct Integration
    • 7×24 Uninterrupted Service
    • No Integrator Interconnection
    • High performance
    • With the E-Ledger license, you can make your company's E-Ledger XML integration 100% compatible with the E-Ledger format defined by the Revenue Administration, by signing with your financial seal signature.
    • Thanks to 99.99% access support by DIA servers, you can prepare your electronic books without interruption.
    • Thanks to the online service of DIA servers, you can send your e-Ledgers with a direct connection to the Revenue Administration.
    • You can prepare your notebooks of thousands of pages in minutes without any problems, and you can use your time efficiently.
    • In accordance with the communiqué prepared by the GİB, it is obligatory to keep the electronic books of the taxpayers. You can back up the e-ledgers you have prepared on your own computers.
    • What Should Be Done During the E-Ledger Application Process?
      What are the Things to Do in Dia during the E-Ledger Application Process?
      How to Prepare and Send E-Ledger?
      What is Time Stamp in the E-Ledger Process?



    • What is E-Waybill?The e-Waybill Application, which entered into force with the General Communiqué of the Tax Procedure Law No. 487, is an application that covers the preparation, transmission, preservation and submission of the waybill, which is one of the widely used documents, as an electronic document in accordance with the standards determined by the Revenue Administration.

      Who Uses E-Waybill?
      E-Waybill Application is not a mandatory application.;

      a) Having permission to benefit from the e-Invoice Application brought within the scope of the General Communiqué of the Tax Procedure Law No. 397,

      b)Taxpayers, who have completed the necessary preparations to be able to issue and transmit e-Waybill and make the necessary application to be included in the E-Waybill Application, can benefit from it as of 1/1/2018 if they so wish.

      Is There a Mandatory in the E-Waybill?Waybill Application is not a mandatory application, the application will be used optionally. As of 01.07.2018, it is in the form of a draft.

      How to Apply for E-Waybill?When taxpayers want to be included in the application by one of the methods specified in sub-paragraphs (a) and (b); They are required to fulfill the necessary application procedures regarding the e-Waybill Application in accordance with the "Electronic Waybill Application Guide" published on the website of the Revenue Administration at "www.efatura.gov.tr". Taxpayers who want to be included in the e-Waybill Application with the method specified in sub-paragraph (c); will apply directly to any of the private integrators that have received permission from the Presidency, and they do not need to apply to the Presidency separately.
      You can follow the laws in the e-Dispatch on the website www.efatura.gov.tr/.

      What is E-Waybill? What are the things to be done during the application process?
      How to Prepare and Send E-Waybill?
      How to Transfer E-Waybill to DIA?
      What Should Be Done in DIA for E-Waybill Application?

Why E-Government Solutions?

The e-invoice, data format and standard, which has been implemented in Turkey with the Law No. 397 communiqué and has been in effect since March 5, 2010, is determined by the Revenue Administration, and includes the information that should be included in an invoice as per the VUK, the seller and the buyer. It is an electronic document in which the transmission between E-invoice is not a new type of document and has the same legal qualifications as a paper invoice. The aim of the e-invoice application managed by the Revenue Administration is to create a secure, time and cost-saving system between the seller and the buyer according to a single format and standard. For this purpose, successful e-invoice processes were taken into account by examining foreign applications, and UBL-TR, an open source standard, which is an open source standard and has labels to include all processes of commercial life, has been adopted by the Revenue Administration.

Within the scope of the General Communiqué on Tax Procedure Law No. 421;

  • Those who have a mineral oil license within the scope of Petroleum Market Law No. 5015 dated 04.12.2003, and those who have purchased goods from them in the calendar year 2011 and have a gross sales revenue (turnover) of at least 25 Million TL as of 31.12.2011,
  • Those who manufacture, construct or import the goods in the list (III) attached to the Special Consumption Tax Law dated 06.06.2002 and numbered 4760, and the taxpayers who purchased goods from them in the calendar year 2011, have a gross sales revenue (turnover) of at least 10 million TL as of 31.12.2011 those,

He has to apply to the Revenue Administration until 01.09.2013 and switch to the e-Invoice application until 31.12.2013.

Those taxpayers who purchase goods within the calendar year of 2011 will be included in the electronic invoice application based on the gross sales figures in their 2011 income statements, regardless of the type, price, quantity or any feature of the goods they purchased. (Click for information)

The Electronic Invoice Application can be used in three ways: the e-Invoice Portal, the integration of information processing systems into the Presidency's system, and the system of institutions that have received special integration permission from the Presidency.

  • Integration: The company's commercial system is directly linked to the GİB.
  • Custom Integration: The firm and the Integrator are linked to the Integrator and the GIB.
  • Portal: Invoices are tracked manually on the www.efatura.gov.tr portal. There is no integration.

Integration Method:

The Integration Method of the Information Processing System has been developed for the use of taxpayers who can provide 24/7 uninterrupted connection by integrating their own information processing system into the Presidency's system. DIA Corporate Governance System communicates directly with GİB through the Integration method.

Integrated E-Government Services with a Single Software

We enable you to upload your invoices manually with the portal integration and receive the incoming invoices from the portal. You can instantly sign, envelope and send your sales invoices. You can also receive your purchase invoices issued to your company instantly, without the need for any extra file selection or uploading. In addition, you can sign and send the ledgers you have prepared online by using the DIA Accounting modules, and you will save both time and money.

DIA in fast and secure e-government transactions!